Musica instrumentalis in Besalú

The International Course on Medieval Music Performance of Besalú arrives to its 8th edition. This year it is dedicated to “musica instrumentalis” and specialized medieval singing.

17/05/2019 — Education

New website:

Finally, a digital resource devoted to medieval organs! This website collects resources and grows day after day with articles, images, and videos.

17/05/2019 — Research

Du Fay & The Malatesta

The International Course on Late Medieval & Renaissance Music of San Marino is dedicated in 2019 to the music Guillaume Du Fay composed while he worked for the Malatesta families of Rimini and Pesaro in the 1420’s.

16/05/2019 — Education

Dante Trobadour. Les Sphères du Paradis.

The Divine Comedy is made up of 14,233 lines grouped into 100 poems. From 1304 to 1319 Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) wrote whilst following an introspective pathway, an initiatory journey looking for the fulfilment of self in the theatre of life.

08/05/2019 — Performance

USA Tour

During September 2019 I will be touring some Universities in the USA giving lectures about the portative organ and medieval organ repertories.

02/05/2019 — Performance

New duo: Maria de Mingo – Cristina Alís Raurich

Maria de Mingo (citole and guitern) combines technical ease, colouristic range, and sheer power. The blending of the plucked string resonance with the sustained modulations of the portative organ merge into a perfect amalgamation of textures.

29/04/2019 — Performance