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Mirabilia. Semana Medieval de la Catedral de Cuenca

This new festival held inside the beautiful Cathedral of Cuenca offers courses, concerts, talks, children’s activities, instrument exhibition, cultural visits, and more. It is aimed to promote medieval culture, focusing especially in music.

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Centre International de Musiques Médiévales (CIMM) of Montpellier

The Centre International de Musiques Médiévales (CIMM) of Montpellier (France) is a center dedicated to medieval music up to 14th century. There I teach portative organ one-to-one and online. Bachelor/Master Diploma, or just lessons with no diploma.


Valldigna foto de Manel en Flickr

Centre International de Música Medieval de la Valldigna

The Centre Internacional de Música Medieval de la Valldigna (Valencia, Spain), is the only spanish medieval music school which offers regular lessons of all sort of instruments and theory subjects from September to June. The students can get both online courses and on-site courses. Curso disponible en Español.



International Course on Medieval Music Performance of Besalú

The International Course on Medieval Music Performance of Besalú (Spain) which is dedicated to music from the 11th to the 13th centuries. It includes not only performance practice of many different instruments and voices, but also musicology, art history, philology and more.


“To educate means – to me – to help others discovering how to use thought to obtain a larger number of choices while having fun.”

Probably none of us can assure with security how was medieval music back at then. However, this should not stop us from getting as close as we can while developing our artistic personality.

The beauty is when one realises that every little step in the acquisition of knowledge transforms our image of what medieval music is to us.

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My philosophy: an intelligent mind is and inquiring mind

Medieval music is a wonderful field to develop thinking skills and to open our mind far beyond the way we understand the world as 21st-century humans: civilization, culture, traditions. As we learn from the past we make questions about the present. We realize we knew little about the origins of today’s world. By stimulating the desire of learning we awake interest in nowadays’ mentality becoming better people.

Some of the persons I admire the most are those who despite the incredible amount of things they have learned, they are still constantly looking for more. They are an example of curiosity and healthy mind. Knowledge is infinite and surrounds us. To enjoy the fruits of this knowledge is your choice.

“Cristina, gracias de verdad, nos animas y creas en nosotros ganas y más ganas de aprender!”

Alize Mendizabal

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