Mirabilia Courses (ENG)

16/04/2023 — Education
Mirabilia Cuenca Llibre Vermell

The 2023 Mirabilia Festival includes three courses on medieval music and pilgrimage on August 14th-20th.

These courses are open to beginners and advanced participants. The course will focus on the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, a 14th-century manuscript which is probably the oldest evidence for pilgrim’s music we know of.

If you want to participate and you do not own a medieval instrument we invite you to contact us anyway at mirabilia@catedralcuenca.es.

Faculty members

The team includes 8 exceptional international instrument/voice teachers, 1 dance teacher, and 3 lecturers:

Faculty members Mirabilia Course 2023

Tomàs Maxé – singing

Patricia Garcia – fiddle

Manuel Vilas Rodríguez – harp

Tobie Miller – hurdy-gurdy

Maria Plectrera – gittern, citole

Victor Navarro Garcia – percussion

Jankees Braaksma – recorder

Cristina Alís Raurich – portative organ

Eva Narejos – dance

Marie-Virginie Cambriels – lecturer

Rosamaria Aguadé – lecturer

Miguel Ángel Albares – lecturer


The courses

At the Mirabilia courses participants will be able to get instrument/singing lessons, medieval music notation, lectures on the context of the Llibre Vermell and medieval pilgrimage, dance lessons for musicians and for dancers, ensemble lessons, and more!

We will have simultaneous translation between English and Spanish.

Parallel activities during the course

An exhibition of medieval instrument makers will be held on the 15h and 16th of August.
Participants will have the chance to attend concerts and other events, some of them open exclusively to those who enrol the courses.
During the courses there will be different activities for children and families to guarantee the family conciliation of those participants who travel to Cuenca with their families.


Limited places. Register now through the registration form.

More information

Read the English PDF with detailed information here.

Read the Spanish version here.

Mirabilia Course Catedral Cuenca