About to start the course “Dufay & The Malatesta”

07/08/2019 — Education

The 2nd International Course on Late Medieval & Renaissance Music in San Marino is about to start.

This summer (2019) the topic is: “Dufay & The Malatesta”.


Dufay’s music at the Malatesta court

Guillaume Dufay (d. 1747) was already acknowledged as an accomplished composer during his lifetime. His polyphonic works in various genres were widely admired and influential. He obtained employment in various positions in important European religious centers. One of these centers was the courts of the Malatesta families of Rimini and Pesaro.

Dufay would have travelled from Cambrai to attend the Council of Constance (1414-1418) as a singer. Since religious figures travelled with their musicians, Councils were a place of dissemination of musical styles among courts. There Dufay encountered two members of the Malatesta family: Carlo I di Galeotto Malatesta of Rimini (1368-1429) the representative or Pope Gregory XII; and Pandolfo di Malatesta (1390-1441) of Pesaro, bishop of Brescia (1416) and Coutances (1418). This last one became Dufay’s patron.

Both Malatesta families of Rimini and Pesaro were close when Dufay first arrived at their courts in 1420.

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